• June 19, 2024
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Media Delivery with IPMX and Advanced Encoding

Media Delivery with IPMX and Advanced Encoding

At SipRadius, we’re leading the way in high-quality video delivery with our latest innovations in IPMX, AV1, and JPEG-XS encoding. These advancements are transforming how audio and video are carried over IP networks, ensuring seamless, high-quality media transmission.

IPMX (IP Media Experience) is an open standard that supports various compression formats, from low-latency JPEG-XS to high-compression H.264. This versatility makes it ideal for different media needs. It also works seamlessly with RIST (Reliable Internet Stream Transport), ensuring robust and reliable connectivity.

In today’s decentralized media landscape, efficient and high-quality content delivery is crucial. We’ve implemented an IPMX and RIST-based solution with a major American broadcaster, using hubs in Washington DC, Los Angeles, New York, and London. This system manages the bi-directional flow of ST2110 feeds, compressed for efficient transport, with practical use favoring JPEG-XS and H.264 for low latency and bandwidth savings.

We’ve also developed the world’s first practical live AV1 encoder, running on Intel GPUs. This encoder overcomes supply chain challenges and offers a unique live encoding solution. Our implementation includes encapsulating live AV1 streams in the MPEG-TS specification, fitting seamlessly into existing architectures and ensuring low latency and efficient bandwidth use.

JPEG-XS provides visually transparent compression with low latency and modest computational complexity, making it a great alternative for live production and signal delivery. Our software toolkit for JPEG-XS encapsulation offers reliable, high-quality content delivery with minimal latency.

At SipRadius, our advanced solutions support hundreds of concurrent streams without degradation, ensuring a seamless viewing experience. By combining IPMX, RIST, AV1, and JPEG-XS, we provide scalable, secure, and practical solutions for modern media delivery. Discover more about our innovative solutions by contacting our team.