• May 29, 2024
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Quality, efficiency and stability in remote production and contribution from SipRadius 

Quality, efficiency and stability in remote production and contribution from SipRadius 

Stand 6B4-1, BroadcastAsia, Singapore Expo, 29 – 31 May 2024: SipRadius, the specialist in live media transport and transcoding, is showcasing its unique and powerful implementation of AV1 and JPEG-XS over transport streams at BroadcastAsia (stand 6B4-1, Singapore Expo, 29 – 31 May). SipRadius is exhibiting alongside leading regional systems integrator Elevate Broadcast. Additionally, Sergio Ammirata, Ph.D., will be presenting on the use of IPMX and RIST for streaming on the BroadcastAsia Stage in Hall 6 on Thursday, May 30, from 2:40 to 3:00 pm. 

SipRadius brings a transformative approach to handling and delivering IP media streams, to deliver new standards in quality, efficiency and stability. The SipRadius approach focuses on open standards, and is a major contributor to the development of many of these standards. Standards-based software products make for simplified interoperability, ensuring the full benefits are instantly and widely available. 

The highlight of the BroadcastAsia demonstration will be the new realtime AV1 codec, running on a standard GPU. AV1 is widely recognized as offering very high image quality, but until now it has been seen as too processor intensive for realtime applications. With this new implementation from SipRadius, broadcasters and production companies can achieve extremely high quality within practical bandwidth limitations, in real time for live production. 

To complete the solution, SipRadius offers the encapsulation of live AV1 in an MPEG-TS transport stream, meaning it can be immediately rolled out into existing architectures. MPEG-TS also preserves ancillary data like a realtime clock, so in one package users have a complete remote link with low latency and precise synchronization in remote production, all in very efficient bandwidth optimization. 

Alongside the AV1 codec, SipRadius also has the first practical implementation of JPEG-XS in MPEG-TS, fully compliant with the VSF standard. This gives users the choice of two very high quality codecs, allowing them to find their own balance between processing requirements, bandwidth and latency. In practice, JPEG-XS delivers quality fully comparable to SMPTE ST2110. 

“The Asia-Pacific region is a very strong leader in long-distance IP contribution and distribution, linked its excellent content to the rest of the world,” said Sergio Ammirata, Ph.D. founder and chief scientist at SipRadius. “We are excited to be taking part in BroadcastAsia, where we can talk to potential users about real, deliverable solutions for latency, stability, quality, bitrate and interoperability. 

“Key to that is the widespread adoption of open standards,” he continued. “I was one of the major architects of RIST (reliable internet stream transport), and as a company we continue to invest our time in creating and promoting open standards. It is the only way to a world where users can build the functionality they need, confident that everything will work seamlessly, allowing them to concentrate on their great content.” 

SipRadius software solutions run on COTS hardware, and on specialist devices like the SOAR-A platform from FOR-A. Find out more from SipRadius at BroadcastAsia on stand 6B4-1a, or go to sipradius.com.