• July 11, 2024
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Delivering Quality with RIST

Delivering Quality with RIST

During the Covid-19 pandemic, SipRadius partnered with a major US broadcaster to revolutionize remote production using RIST (Reliable Internet Stream Transport). Faced with unprecedented challenges, we developed an innovative solution that allowed high-quality, real-time production from any location, using the cloud and standard devices for seamless access.

Our RIST-based architecture supports diverse technical standards, from high-end SMPTE ST2110 to consumer streams like VLC or OBS. This flexibility ensures high-quality, low-latency, and secure content delivery, enabling directors, editors, and executives to collaborate effectively from their homes.

This cutting-edge approach has powered numerous high-profile productions, from red carpet interviews to reality series, enhancing efficiency and flexibility in content distribution.

Discover the full story of our successful RIST implementation in Sergio Ammirata Ph.D.’s guest blog on the RIST website. Click here >