• April 24, 2024
  • Press Releases

SipRadius transforms remote production at CABSAT with live AV1 and JPEG-XS over transport streams 

SipRadius transforms remote production at CABSAT with live AV1 and JPEG-XS over transport streams 

Stand S1-G26a, CABSAT, Dubai World Trade Centre, 21 – 23 May 2024: SipRadius, the specialists in live media transport and transcoding, will showcase their world-leading implementation of AV1 and JPEG-XS over transport streams at CABSAT. This transformative approach, being showcased at stands S1-G26a with UK Distributor Hornets Tech and S1-A15 with FOR-A (as SOAR-A platform powered by SipRadius), Dubai World Trade Centre from 21st to 23rd May, brings new standards of quality, efficiency, and stability to contribution links and remote production. 

SipRadius has built a software-defined eco-system around open standards, which simplifies interoperability for content delivery. Among the latest developments is a realtime AV1 codec running on a GPU. AV1 is recognised for very high image quality but until now it has been seen as too demanding to encode in real time: this new implementation from SipRadius means that AV1 can be used for very high quality links from live content, including in remote production. 

Developing the encapsulation of live AV1 in an MPEG-TS transport stream, SipRadius allows it to fit simply and seamlessly into existing architectures. MPEG-TS also preserves ancillary data like the realtime clock, allowing the solution to provide a complete remote link with low latency and very efficient bandwidth use, even when multiple streams are delivered for a complete remote production. 

The first practical implementation of JPEG-XS in MPEG-TS has also been developed by SipRadius. This has been standardised by VSF, but until now no-one has successfully proved a working system. JPEG-XS was created for visually lossless compression with low latency and relatively modest processing demands, making it a high quality and practical alternative to SMPTE ST2110 in both internal and remote connectivity for live production. 

“The practical and economic pressures on broadcasters and production companies towards live remote production are growing,” said Sergio Ammirata Ph.D., founder and chief scientist at SipRadius. “Multiple standards and formats; concerns about latency, stability and quality; and the challenges of interoperability can cause confusion and concern. 

“At SipRadius we believe strongly in open standards – I was one of the major architects of RIST (reliable internet stream transport) – and our goal is to bring solutions to the market, building on these standards, that deliver real, practical, implementable answers to the everyday challenges,” Ammirata said. 

SipRadius software solutions run on COTS hardware, and on specialist devices like the SOAR-A platform from FOR-A. Find out more from SipRadius at CABSAT on stand S1-G26a, or visit  sipradius.com.