CoralCoder is the transcoding engine.
  • CoralCoder/Live gives you unlimited IP stream inputs and outputs.
  • CoralCoder/VOD adds transcoding to/from files.

Both "flavors" of CoralCoder are available as installable system images which gives you the freedom to install in your own hardware, your own cloud, your mega-vendor’s cloud, or a combination of all the above. They’re scalable and flexible, from two to 128 VCPUs, with additional options which can add error correction, multi-plexing, and time-delay. They can scale from a small content provider with a single live feed to global providers of many channels feeding cable providers a continent away.

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CoralPipe is our error correcting transport solution.

  • CoralPipe solves your transport problems by acting as an error correcting protocol gateway. It leverages the new RIST error correction protocol standard with sophisticated distribution options.
  • CoralPipe/Sync does for data files what CorelPipe does for streams. It is our cloud based backup and file replication service.

Both CoralPipe products’ licensing and deployment options are geared for the Hybrid Cloud. Whether your business is based on a mega-cloud vendor such as AWS or Azure, virtual hosts in your own proprietary NOC, or more likely, a mix, you can deploy CoralPipe exactly where you want. It also provides various desktop clients to perfect sync everything to where it’s needed.

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CoralEdge is the media server that faces the end user viewers.

CoralEdge is the stand-alone version of our Advanced Media Server. You can use CoralEdge for directly serving end-user viewers with live or VOD media. The maximum simultaneous connections is limited only by your hardware (virtual or physical).

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CoralMini comprises a variety of our small form factor mini PCs. They’re geared for moving your streams from remote to your cloud or remote to your studio with easy to implement, fast and sturdy RIST transport, to make sure your streams arrive perfectly.

The can also encode and decode video streams providing a reliable remote studio experience (HD-SDI and HDMI input/outputs).

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